It is said that practice makes a man perfect, we have practicing our profession for over 20 years and our tailoring team have become the best of the best, specializing in their skill and learning from their skill. A fully diverse team is the reason of our variety of services which include

·         Bespoke tailoring

·         Alteration services

·         Leather repair

·         Leather alteration

And much more than anyone can think of, therefore it is a one stop shop for all your tailoring and alteration problems. Whether your problematic garment be jeans, jacket or a waistcoat, we have all the necessary skill to make it tailored for you. Our trending service now include bespoke tailoring and alteration, up to date styles and in season design can only be worked by bespoke tailoring. Our men’s collection includes some of very exemplar and ultramoderndesign that is sure to please style oriented men all around London. Get our in- house consultation to peak into more of A & Z’s unique services.

Bespoke tailoring

Variable in sizes, bespoke tailoring has been successful in putting off men from off the rack suits and shirts. Every other shop now is offering bespoke tailoring for cheap, but only the authentic people can tackle the complexities of a custom- built suit or a shirt. A & Z tailors and alteration started with a small business 20 years back and since then gained popularity amongst all our customers, having the ease of ordering a bespoke suit without any intricacy.

Our 3- step easy process is all what you need to own a custom- made suit.

·         Bookan appointment with A & Z tailors to secure your time slot for your in- store visit.

·         Visit us on your timed appointment, give your exact measurements or the measurements you are pleased with. In this step of the process you will be able to select the color, style and the material of the fabric.

·         Fittings will be carried throughout the process of tailoring to ensure a perfect shape and fit.

If the process is completed, you can take your ordered suit home or can get it delivered it to the desired address. You can now enjoy wearing a bespoke suit in London.


An essential part of our outfit is jacket, it makes us look smart and adds an extra oomph to our attire. Thinking of the necessity of the jacket, A & Z tailors have included jacket alterations for those people who want everything to be perfect. Taking in sleeves or widening the jacket, we have got some great trick up our sleeves when it comes to alterations. We give our customers assurance that we will prevent any damage to their garment and have positive results after alterations.


Waistcoats, a thing of the past, is now been worn by only minority of the UK population. At present, there are no shops offering any services when it comes to waistcoats alteration and tailoring, well you have A & Z tailors. We target all our customers even those that are in minority, we offer waistcoat alteration and custom- made tailoring. All our alteration services ensure clean stitch and a remarkable fit.


The clothes you wear defines your personality; shirts play an important part in shaping it. From businessmen to an office worker, all wear shirts as the casual part of their attire. A& Z tailors provide a wide array of services for shirts alone like tailor- made shirts, shirt alterations and one service to look for is shirt laundry and dry – cleaning that is offered by A & Z launderers and dry-cleaners. We have made it easy for our customers offering all services just under one roof with an accessible location in Luton, London.


Increasing or decreasing the length, widening or narrowing from the thigh, reducing or increasing the waist size. We have full trouser alteration for any type of fabric.


It requires special skills and different equipment to alter jeans, we have got all the materials needed for it. Our team of experts have been practicing jeans alterations for over 20 years, sending customers satisfied with the quality and the seamless stitch. Our special stitching technique hides all the alterations to make the garment look more than just perfect.


Wedding process, one hefty and emotional course to go through. Every bride and groom plan mostly a year to get to a perfect wedding, the food, the cake, the décor etc. but what is the most important element of the wedding? Everyone might know it by now that the bride and groom’s dress is the essential feature of any wedding. A & Z tailors have been specializing in wedding are for over 20 years, designing and altering dresses and suits to the very detail. Our frequent customers know that we keep quality as our 1st preference, that is why we have a loyal client following and happy purchasers of our services. We specialize in bespoke tailoring for both the bride and the groom so that each of them can get a unique and preferred wedding gown or a suit. These services were specially made for those brides and grooms who want their dresses to be one- of- a- kind, bespoke tailoring is all about uniqueness and singularity. One benefit of a tailor- made suit is a great fit, which cannot be achieved by buying an off the rack suit. For those brides and grooms who have already found the dress of their dreams but not the fit, we have or seamless alteration services.


From fabric to color, everything is decided by you when it comes to tailor made suits. It is your day as well, with the bride getting all the spotlight it is now up to you to get some of the attention. And what is the perfect way to steal a little bit of the limelight, yes, it is a perfectly fitting suit. But most of the grooms do not get the opportunity of feeling the fit of a handmade suit, and they opt for off the rack suit which necessarily doesn’t have the flawless fit. Wearing a ready – made suit may look sloppy because of it’s poor fit, A & Z tailors have experts qualified in impeccable altering, they will alter and sew your off the rack suit to your ultimate measurements, making it ideal for the wedding occ,asion.

For grooms looking for unique colors and different styles it is best for them to go for bespoke and tailor- made suite. Finding a good tailor can be hard, you can now stop your search as you have come to the perfect place, A & Z tailors have been specializing in bespoke tailoring for over 20 years. The fabric, the color, the style is all chosen by you along with some advice from our experts. Once you have approved the sketch, our skilled tailors start the work to get your suit ready within the given time, involving several in store stitching along the process. Once you are contented with the overall look, you can take it home or get it delivered to you. The combination of all these services is what makes A & Z tailors and alterations stand out from its contenders all across London.


A day which brides plan for years and years has to be perfect in all aspects including the wedding dress. Every girl dreams of their perfect romantic wedding dress wanting it to be the one none of the others have ever worn before. This uniqueness can only be achieved by ordering a custom wedding dress. The material, the lace, the style and the color all will be decided by you along with some opinions from our stylists and experts in the field. The shape and fit that you feel while putting on your made to measure dress is remarkable, any dress custom made by A & Z tailors will sure fit you like a glove. Visit our store and look at the sample wedding dresses that we have already made. Ranging from styles like backless, long sleeved, mermaid, ball gown and evening dresses, you name it we have it. Bridesmaid dresses can also be ordered from our stores including an expert’s view on what should be the color of the bridesmaid’s dress according to the theme. We want every bride to be happy that is why our variety of wedding services has only one aim, to keep the wedding planning as effortless as possible


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