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Pressure washing, surface cleaning, concrete sealing

We are the total surface cleaning company. For surface cleaning the Driveway, Pool Deck, Patio Pavers, Sidewalks, or any concrete surface. Looking for professional Concrete Cleaning Services in the East Valley? We offer homeowners. Business owners & property managers specialized Concrete Cleaning and Stain Removal in the east valley and surrounding areas. Call us today for a free estimate.
The advantages of using a cleaner degreaser & neutralizer is this is applied and left to dwell for 5-10 minutes helps clean the heavy soiled, tire marks, oils, and neutralizes acid products that are on the concrete surface. Ideal for a tire mark, oil, grease, food stains, and in general surface accommodations on your concrete and much more.
If we’re trying to make the concrete pop in its appearance. We will go back the second time with a concrete maintenance cleaner. This is ideal for very heavy traffic areas with heavy tire marks mostly used for entry & exits locating for vehicles. Don’t forget to ask about our sealers; it renews and beautifies concrete services.
You will fall in love with Decorative Sealers on your Block or Brick walls.
Block and Brick have been a very popular choice in the Phoenix valley for generations. But over the years dirt, grime, can cause discoloration and make your exterior of the home look unsightly. Let us restore it to its former glory. All walls are washed and disinfected before any sealers are applied. If you’re not sure what you like we can do a small demo area. And let you decide.
The sealers we use are water-based sealers. They contain no harsh chemicals, Nontoxic, Non-hazardous, Nonflammable Excellent adhesion to concrete pavers, tiles. Our sealers outlast most solvent coatings. Safe for interior or exterior use, Non-yellowing or peeling, Looks vibrant and if you are looking for the wet look, we got you covered. We can seal the tile roof on your home or office.

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