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Inventory management solution refers to tracking the levels of all your stock, regardless of being incoming or out going. They may be stored in-house or at another location such as your warehouse or even a 3PL’s warehouse. Despite the location, you can stock and track your inventory right in the screen of your CRM.

Even if your business is manufacturing its own products, you still need to purchase raw material in order to be able to make produce. In this case, you not only need an inventory management solution for monitoring the amount of stock you have left to sell, you also need it to monitor the raw materials you have left to make produce.

If you are selling ready made goods, it’s probably a good idea to make sure you have enough stock to keep your sales process going

Manage your inventory and track your stock levels in real time. You’ll receive low inventory notifications and you can generate purchase orderes to refill your stock.

Scan your inventory products into orders, generate document barcodes, search inventory products or documents using barcode scanning.

Having multiple warehouses, offices, stores? No problem. You can track your products by organizing your stocks on various locations.

Manage your inventory products using custom attributes such as dimension and color. Track how many products you have available on each location.

Using integrated CRM functions, you can now easily manage your customer details. You can add multiple customers, notes and track purchase history.

Issue invoices in seconds using an elegant and professional output format, then e-mail them as PDF to customers.

Using integrated purchase orders, you can now refill your stock levels and track product delivery.

Generate detailed reports for inventory, sales and products offered. Filter reports by customers, products and time range.

Keep track your working hours, calculate salary, send timesheet to manager and invoice clients. Timesheets contain hours worked, as well as associated expenses and vehicle mileage.

You can own an Online Store through a single click. In and Out Store experience: customers can enter your E-Shop by scanning your store QR code, scan product barcode using their Smartphone and place orders via Shopping Cart.

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