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We are a licensed and insured garage door service provider who specializes in garage door repair, restoration, and installation services for all makes and model garage doors. We only use the highest quality of replacement parts for repairs made to garage doors. We offer our garage door services to individual home owners as well as commercial businesses. For all garage door needs you can count on us to do an excellent job even when it comes to replacing garage door panels. Contacting us would be an excellent choice when compared to other garage door service companies.
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We understand that most people today use the Internet for everything. You can contact us on our website. Browse our website while you are here to view some of the excellent garage door services we can offer you. We have a variety of garage door packages you may choose from like an installation package or repair or replacement package. Just fill out the short contact form and we will give you fast response to answer your questions, concerns, schedule an appointment and more. We have highly skilled garage door contractors to serve all of our garage door needs.
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We understand that some people prefer to speak to someone by phone rather than use the Internet. You may call our garage door company and speak to our professional reps who can schedule a free consultation for garage service to your home or business. Get a free quote or estimate by phone too. We offer the lowest price for all garage door services compared to other companies. Our certified garage door contractors are willing to share a few great tips and advice with you about maintaining your garage doors so it can provide you with lasting use.
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You can drop by our facility to meet our experienced representative who can answer your questions and concerns, give you a free consultation or quote, schedule an appointment to have our contractors evaluate the problem with your garage door and more. We love to meet our new clients and we welcome any comments as a way to improve our garage door services to you. We make time to sit down and listen to our clients about their garage door needs and you will not find any other company so concerned as we are.
Michiana Garage Door Services Contact Us By Email
Our garage door company can be found listed in the online business directory for all contact needs. Our email address can be found listed on our website. You can contact us by email and we will provide a timely and prompt response. We never leave our clients waiting because we understand the importance of having a garage door that works to protect items and your auto. A garage door is made to be opened, closed, and locked when needed. It can provide superb protection for your auto when working properly.
A strong commercial garage door not only keeps your car safe from burglars but also saves it from perilous climatic conditions. Garage doors are constantly exposed to the rigors of the weather, hence prone to wear and tear. At Elkhart Garage Door Services, we provide high-quality commercial garage doors and reliable garage installation services to ensure the doors last long and can withstand bad climatic conditions. Here are some of the services Elkhart Garage Door Services provides.
Installation Services
Our professionals are well-versed in a range of installation services; commercial garage door installation, garage door replacement, garage door opener installation and panel replacement. We use high-quality garage door parts when replacing damaged or worn out parts so that they last longer. If you have installed our reliable commercial garage doors, we are more than happy to make routine checks so that the garage door remains in top-notch condition. In case a part of the garage door gets damaged, you can replace it using our garage door replacement panels. Our experts will help you choose the panel that matches your garage door and make the necessary repair.
Repair Services
Most homeowners prefer making DIY repairs on their commercial garage door in a bid to save time and money. However, such quick fix methods only land homeowners into more trouble as they may be compelled to replace the garage door. As such, it is important to engage professionals right from the onset. We also offer garage door repairs that include spring repair, track replacement, opener repair, as well as roller and pin replacement.
Cable Repair and Replacement
The garage door opens when the garage door springs apply the appropriate amount of force to the cables. Garage door cables that are functioning correctly should lift the spool located on the drums and the door. However, when the garage door cables come off, the door won’t work. Springs and cables on the garage door work together. Hence, if the cables come off, they create a lot of tension on the lines.
The tension can be dangerous for homeowners who prefer garage door repair do it yourself as it can cause accidents. Sometimes, the cables may be bent or wound around themselves, which calls for professional repair. Elkhart Garage Door Service professionals highlight other reasons that may cause cable malfunctions:
Using the wrong size of drums and cables- heavy garage doors need heavy cables; small cables will be under lots of pressure and break easily than those of the right diameter
Garage door spring with the wrong tension- tension is applied during garage door installation. A lot of tension causes the cables to come off the drum while a weak one will cause the garage door cables to unwind.
Types of Doors
Apart from garage door installation and repair, we provide various types of doors both for residential and commercial use. With our vast selection of garage doors, there is something for everyone- residential doors, swing out garage doors, and canopy doors, among others. A stylish homeowner will also find a garage door that matches his taste from the different styles of garage doors on our catalog.
Contact us for these and more garage door services.

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