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We have top of the line pressure washing equipment that is proven to be effective and not over-kill on surfaces. Our techs know how to safely and effectively operate our pressure washing equipment. Yes, anyone can go buy or rent a residential pressure washing machine, because you may think you want to do the work and save a little bit of money. We understand that, because we understand there is basic wisdom in looking to spend your hard earned money wisely. However, this may not be the wisest way to spend your time, AND most homeowners don’t really understand how to get a long lasting clean effectively without accidentally damaging their own investment. Each type of surface and various building materials must be chemically treated the right way in addition to applying the appropriate level of pressure to ensure cleanliness and have no damage. Often times do it yourself pressure washing can lead to damage that will cost a lot more than the cost of hiring our team, a local professional pressure washing company.
Safety is relevant reason to hire a professional pressure washing company. Many people are afraid of heights in general, and rightfully so. Adding any amount of water to any surfaces runs the risk of slipping as well! Think of how dangerous that can become combined with intense water pressure pulsing through your arms. Our techs know how to use pressure washing equipment safely and effectively, while high up on a ladder, and while working on wet surfaces or on the roof of your home. If our tech slips or falls and gets hurt, we can take care of our employee. If you as a homeowner gets hurt while attempting a do it yourself project, it’s unfortunately a different story. Pain, suffering and being out of work will cost a lot more than hiring us to wash your Spartanburg area home.

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